Mathematics – Stage 1 – Year A – Unit 18

This two-week unit develops student knowledge, understanding and skills of data.

Mathematics K-2 Syllabus © 2022 NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State of New South Wales.

Students are provided opportunities to:

  • conduct surveys to collect data and use data to solve problems
  • recognise and describe the element of chance in everyday events
  • gather, organise, and represent data in effective and accurate ways
  • interpret a data display and describe information using comparative language.

Syllabus focus and content group

Representing whole numbers A – MAO-WM-01, MA1-RWN-01, MA1-RWN-02
  • Use counting sequences of ones with two-digit numbers and beyond
  • Represent numbers on a line
Non-spatial measure A – MAO-WM-01, MA1-NSM-01
  • Time: Name and order the cycle of months
Data A – MAO-WM-01, MA1-DATA-01, MA1-DATA-02
  • Ask questions and gather data
  • Represent data with objects and drawings and describe the displays
Data B – MAO-WM-01, MA1-DATA-01, MA1-DATA-02
  • Identify a question of interest and gather relevant data
  • Create displays of data and interpret them
Chance A – MAO-WM-01, MA1-CHAN-01
  • Identify and describe possible outcomes
Chance B – MAO-WM-01, MA1-CHAN-01
  • Identify and describe activities that involve chance

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