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Commonwealth Initial Teacher Education Review submission

The NSW submission to the Commonwealth Review into Quality Initial Teacher Education focuses on areas where national action to support teacher supply and teacher quality will benefit the teaching profession, education systems and student outcomes.

NSW Mathematics Strategy 2025

The NSW Mathematics Strategy supports teaching and learning in NSW public schools, helping students develop the mathematical skills and understanding they need to succeed in life.

Strategic plan

The Strategic Plan 2018-2023 sets out the department’s blueprint for the next 6 years.

Annual reports

The annual report contains information about public schools, early childhood education and Aboriginal affairs.

Our reconciliation action plan

Read the department's first Reconciliation Action Plan for corporate staff and see how we're working towards reconciliation.

Our reports and reviews

We regularly provide information to the public about what we do, the results we achieve and the challenges we face.

Schools Digital Strategy

The Schools Digital Strategy (SDS) is a seven-year roadmap empowering schools to determine their own digital future and support them with the digital skills and tools they need to succeed.

Our commitment to sustainability

The NSW Department of Education can lead in key areas of sustainability. We understand that sustainability is a broader concept than resource conservation and environmental protection.

Bushfire Relief Strategy

The Bushfire Relief Strategy supports the recovery of schools affected by the 2019/2020 bushfires and strengthens the planning, response and recovery management within our learning communities.

Rural and Remote Education Strategy

An overview of the 2021-2024 Rural and Remote Education Strategy – a strategy committed to making a difference to the lives of students in rural and remote communities.

Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan (2021-2025)

The Plan outlines our five-year roadmap to ensure Education is an inclusive organisation for our students, staff and our community

NSW Teacher Supply Strategy

The Strategy sets out our vision to deliver a sustainable pipeline of teachers with the right subject qualifications and in the right locations to meet our students’ needs.

Review of rural and remote incentives report

The attraction and retention of key workers to rural and remote areas is a challenge for many geographically large jurisdictions, in Australia and around the world.

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