Access to co-educational schools

The NSW Government has made a commitment that every student in NSW will have guaranteed access to a co-educational public high school by 2027.

Many more families will be able to enrol their children in a co-educational public high school from 2025, with all students in NSW guaranteed access by 2027.

In adjusting intake areas, we are considering factors including enrolment trends; public transport access; size and utilisation rate of co-educational high schools; the number of students living in each proposed intake area; the proportion of students who historically enrol in either single sex or co-educational schools; and the capacity of co-educational schools to enrol students.

Families living in single-sex high school intake areas will still be guaranteed a place at their designated single-sex school.

School intake area adjustments

As part of the NSW Government commitment for all students in NSW to have guaranteed access to co-educational schooling, the department is adjusting 19 identified co-educational high school intake areas.

Single-sex school intake areas with proposed co-educational high school options for 2025 are listed below.

Also listed below are co-educational schools that will have their intake areas adjusted to support the plan.

You can view draft interactive maps of the proposed adjustments by clicking on each school.

To check your proposed high school intake area, use the search function in the map tool.

Group 1 includes the following schools:
  • Bass HS
  • Concord HS
  • Condell Park HS
  • Granville South CAPA HS
  • Holroyd HS
  • Merrylands HS
  • New HS in Wentworth Point
  • Strathfield South HS

View the draft intake areas for Group 1.

Group 2 includes the following schools:
  • Blakehurst HS
  • Dulwich HSVAD
  • Georges River College Hurstville
  • Georges River College Peakhurst
  • Georges River College Penshurst
  • Kingsgrove HS
  • Kingsgrove North HS
  • Marrickville HS
  • Menai HS
  • Sir Joseph Banks HS

View the draft intake areas for Group 2.

Consultation feedback

An update on the consultation feedback received for the NSW Department of Education’s draft co-educational high school intake area adjustments will be provided soon.

In answer to some frequently asked questions:

  • Out-of-area enrolment will be considered in line with the Department’s current policy. Recent changes to school boundaries and factors such as siblings are taken into account for out-of-area enrolment applications.
  • Families living in single-sex high school intake areas will still be guaranteed a place at their designated single-sex school.
We are using this data to inform discussions with Transport for NSW and we will assess if minor refinements to the proposed co-educational high school intake areas are required as part of the delivery of adjusted intake areas in readiness for the 2025 school year.


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