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Professional learning is a key component of continuous improvement.

Evaluation resource hub

Empowering schools to strengthen their practice.

Future-focused professional learning

Future-focused professional learning with links to register through MyPL.


Supporting the leadership growth of leaders and aspiring leaders as they strive for excellence.

Professional learning for non-teaching staff

Information about professional learning for non-teaching staff including links to a course catalogue, professional learning calendar and resources.


MyPL allows all staff within the Department of Education to manage their professional learning. It is available in the DoE staff portal.

Quality Teaching Rounds

Bringing together the strengths of professional learning communities, instructional rounds and the Quality Teaching (QT) model.


Scan is a peer refereed online journal offering articles about quality learning, teaching ideas, research and emerging trends.

Teacher quality and accreditation

Includes standards, accreditation, professional learning, and courses for teachers.

Pre-service teacher resources

Find resources for pre-service teachers and support for supervising teachers in schools.

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Leadership courses

NSW Public School Leadership and Management Credential

Develop consistent skills, knowledge and understandings in order to effectively lead and manage your school.

Policy library

Learn about the department's policies, guidelines, and procedures to create a safe, inclusive, and effective learning environment.

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