Strong start great teachers

Every beginning teacher deserves a quality induction program in their first critical years of teaching - a program that is structured, comprehensive and school-based. Strong start great teachers (SSGT) provides schools with the induction support to achieve this.

Strong start great teachers
Image: Strong start great teachers provides school-based induction advice for schools to support beginning teachers as they start their professional teaching practice.

A quality induction gives beginning teachers a strong start. It supports them to become capable and confident teachers, committed to maximising the learning outcomes of their students.

Enabling support

To facilitate quality induction, the department provides:

These 2 components are designed to ensure beginning teachers and their schools have a framework of support to guide the development of their school-based induction programs.

The Strong start great teachers (SSGT) resource supports school-based induction for beginning teachers and provides ideas, advice and information on:

What is the 5C model of school-based induction?

The department's 5C model is based on the principle that quality school-based induction must be comprehensive. Quality induction involves 5 essential components as represented in the following 5C model of school-based induction.

5C Model

Quality induction - whose responsibility?

The principal, school staff and the beginning teacher all play a key role in a school?s induction process. Depending on the school?s size, location, and the number of beginning teachers, support may be shared between the principal and other staff members such as supervisors, in-school mentors and buddy teachers.

The key steps

The 3 key steps can help to ensure your school delivers a quality induction program for beginning teachers:

  1. Include the different phases of induction - see Setting up induction for help.
  2. Embed the department?s 5C model of school-based induction.
  3. Develop and refine practice: use Reflection against the standards - a critical practice for more information.
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