Teaching Standards in Action courses

The Teaching Standards in Action (TSA) suite of courses are quality registered professional development courses. They help teachers understand how the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards) framework can shape and strengthen their teaching practice. TSA courses adopt a blended approach to professional learning. While they are accessible online, they are designed to encourage collaborative practice at the school and classroom level.

Available courses

Coaching for classroom change

Build knowledge and skills in coaching to support your colleagues' teaching practice.

Designing lessons with colleagues

Learn how to build colleagues capacity to design effective lessons.

Designing quality lessons

Improve your impact on student progress by taking practical steps to create a quality lesson.

Evaluating learning, improving teaching

Learn how to implement and manage change for school-wide improvement in student learning.

Implementing quality lessons

Practical strategies and techniques to help you implement quality lessons.

Pinpointing performance, determining directions

Learn how to lead a team to make decisions about student performance, and direct well-informed improvements to teaching and learning,

Planning lesson sequences

Find out about the course, Planning lesson sequences. Its focus, duration and the standard descriptors it is aligned to as a NESA registered professional learning.

Reflecting on standards

Practical tips and techniques for reflecting on your teaching practice in light of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Understanding quality teaching

Learn about the NSW Quality Teaching model and put it into practice.

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