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About the National Quality Framework

About the National Quality Framework

Guiding principles and policies

The Early Childhood Education Directorate has overarching principles for implementing its functions under the National Law and Regulations. We also use a number of regulatory policies to support consistent decision making.

Regulation requirements

Early Childhood Education Directorate has regulatory responsibility to raise quality and drive improvement in NSW early education and care services.

Assessment and rating process

Information on the risk based approach, assessment and rating process, compliance and investigations and the National Quality Framework.

Compliance and monitoring

Information on how the NSW Regulatory Authority monitors services and providers’ compliance with legislation and approval conditions.

Data and research

The department uses data to make informed decisions that lead to improved education outcomes.

Notifications and Reporting

Information on notification types and timeframes, as well as how early childhood education and school aged care services can notify the NSW Regulatory Authority of an incident or complaint.

Excursion and transportation regulations

Unpacking the excursion and transportation regulations.

Investigation process

When a complaint or notification about a service is received, it is assessed with more serious matters being referred for formal investigation.

Internal reviews

Administrative decisions and processes in the public sector are open to challenge by persons affected by those decisions.

Published enforcement and decision actions

The enforcement actions list provides details of providers and supervisors who have been convicted for offences and had that conviction recorded.

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