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Explore teaching and learning in NSW public schools.

Key learning areas

Knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes are described in the eight learning areas of the NSW curriculum.

Learning across the curriculum

Cross curriculum content enriches and supports the learning areas and adds depth to student learning.

Learning for the future

Support for future focused learning and teaching that will prepare our students for tomorrow’s world.

Literacy and numeracy

Literacy and numeracy is a major focus for NSW public schools.

Multicultural education

Intercultural understanding in schools – supporting English language learners, refugees and newly arrived students.


Information for parents, carers and teachers about preschool education.

Rural and distance education

Supporting schools and students in rural, remote and isolated areas.

Career learning and vocational education and training

Students transitioning to work and vocational training.

October calendar

School calendar

  • Term 4 2019
  • HSC written examinations
  • School development days*
  • Summer school vacation

Check with your local school as some dates may change.

Policy library

Learn about the department's policies, guidelines, and procedures to create a safe, inclusive, and effective learning environment.

Topics include:

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