Civics and citizenship

Our schools produce active and informed citizens through knowledge and understanding of Australian society – our institutions, values and heritage.

Civics and citizenship education builds students’ knowledge and understanding of the ways in which citizens can actively participate in Australia’s diverse and inclusive society. Students learn about the civic institutions and the processes through which decisions are made for the common good of the community and they also develop the skills and understandings that relate to the organisation of a harmonious democratic society.

Students are encouraged to develop skills such as participating in discussions, working cooperatively with others, negotiating issues and developing the ability to make decisions. These are the skills that will allow students to effectively participate in society and become responsible, informed and active citizens.

Civics and citizenship content is incorporated across all NSW syllabuses and includes:

  • principles and concepts underpinning democracy
  • rights and responsibilities of citizens
  • global citizenship and the influence of global events in Australian democracy
  • skills for active citizenship
  • multiculturalism and diversity in Australian society
  • environment and sustainability
  • role of the media and democracy



  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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