Planning, programming and assessing science 11–12

Resources to plan, program and assess Stage 6 science.

In 2018, NESA implemented six new Stage 6 science syllabuses in NSW. Four of those syllabuses (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Environmental Science) are revitalised courses while the Investigating Science and Science Extension syllabuses were new courses in the Stage 6 science curriculum.

For more information on the new Stage 6 science syllabuses, visit Science Stage 6 science (NESA).

In Years 11 and 12, the following 2-unit courses are available.

In Year 12, the one-unit Science Extension course is also available.

For approved students in Years 11 and 12, the following Life Skills courses are available:

  • Chemical World Science Life Skills
  • Earth and Space Science Life Skills
  • Investigating Science Life Skills
  • Living World Science Life Skills
  • Physical World Science Life Skills

HSC hub

The HSC hub is a catalogue of quality resources aligned to the NSW HSC syllabuses. You can easily resources that complement the work you are planning to prepare for HSC students. by searching for science and your course.

Find quality resources designed by curriculum experts to help students prepare for HSC on our Science HSC hub curriculum page.


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