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The Science Extension Stage 6 Syllabus (2017) was implemented in Term 4, 2018. This one-unit course is taken by students in Year 12. Science Extension focuses on the scientific process. In this course, students will learn about the scientific process by engaging in a scientific research project. They will document their research experience in a research portfolio, and produce a scientific research report that highlights their findings.

The Science Extension Stage 6 Syllabus (2017) consists of four modules:

  • Module 1: The foundations of scientific thinking
  • Module 2: The scientific research proposal
  • Module 3: The data, evidence and decisions
  • Module 4: The research report

Prior to the HSC examinations, the scientific research report will be uploaded to NESA (schools online).

The Science Extension HSC examination is a two-hour online examination. When logged in to the examination portal, students will be able to access a PDF copy of their scientific research report to help them answer questions.

Supporting student research in Science Extension

Teachers, students and mentors share their Science Extension experiences in a collection of instructional videos. The videos highlight effective teaching and learning activities related to stages in the development of the Scientific Research Project and supporting student research, along with student profiles that document their individual research journeys.

Why choose Science Extension?

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Science Extension: Your choice

Speaker Ashley Mulcahy

Extension Science is probably, in my opinion, one of the best subjects in the HSC because students get to choose their own pathway.

Speaker Sean

So far what I've liked the most is that you can actually look into what you're interested in, for me its fishing. Extension Science allows me to dig deeper into the understanding of the ecology of something you're already passionate and interested in.

Speaker Joshua Westerway

Science Extension allowed my students to explore cutting edge science that is not otherwise covered in our science syllabuses, and allowed them to engage with real, modern day, contemporary scientific research.

Speaker Meirah

I think that because there is such freedom in the course, where you can do almost anything that you want to do in science, with people that will support you such as your mentor and your teacher, it really gives kids the opportunity to pursue any type of scientific passion that they have.

Speaker Stephan Soule

With my background and understanding of science, it allows me to mentor them and guide them in a way to really understand the principles and practices of science, and exploring the, all those questions in more detail.

Speaker Hannah

I found that it really just gave me such a big head start at university, compared to other students that didn't do Science Extension, because I already knew how to write a report, I already knew how to run experiments.

Speaker Suzanne Wilson

In this subject you actually get to go beyond the classroom, you consult other people who are experts in their fields, and do science using the latest technologies.

Speaker Mitchell

I’m at the University of Sydney doing a bachelor of science, majoring in just physics, and the report writing skills I learnt in Science Extension have really been useful, in basically every class that I’ve taken.

Speaker Meirah

Doing Extension Science and practically being able to look into forensics, really helped to solidify in my mind that yeah, I’m super interested in this, and yes this is definitely a potential career path for me.

Speaker Stephan Soule

It's really getting them out of the classroom and into the real world of science, it's a fantastic opportunity to work with scientists, and also gather data, or and add and contribute to real world science as well.

Speaker Hannah

At the end of science extension, not only did I have everything that I learnt from the course, but I had this real scientific report, that I’d produced myself, for my own research and I was so proud of it and it just was so rewarding, I just felt like it was something real that I’d produced and something that I was going to keep forever, it was my first scientific report.

Speaker Suzanne Wilson

I mean a lot of teachers have heard, why do I need to know this? From a student before, never heard it in Science Extension. You want to pick something you’re interested in, you just want some help on how to do it? Then pick Science Extension.

Speaker Meirah

Even if your considering it a little bit, give it a go, what matters in Year 12, and year 11, is trying things that are new and different, because that’s what you’re going to be doing at university.

Speaker Joshua Westerway

This subject is for all students, of all levels of ability, they just need the passion and the interest to succeed.

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The Journal of Science Extension Research

This scientific journal is a celebration of students' achievements in scientific research in the Science Extension course. It illustrates the depth and quality of scientific output that our inspired high school science students can produce when unfettered by content-driven investigations.

Volume 2

The Journal of Science Extension Research - vol. 2, 2023


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