Early learning resources

Guided learning packages

Resources for teachers

The following resources provide educators with a range of suggestions and play based learning experiences that can be used to support children’s learning. Communication with families about their child’s learning at home and preschool is an important part of these resources.

Projects for learning

Holistic teaching resources

Early learning matters podcast

This podcast series unpacks important early childhood concepts, theories and practice while sharing experience and advice with educators listeningfrom a range of department staff, educators and other professional.

Select the play button to start listening.

Select the play button to start listening

Resources to support families

‘Learning outcomes are most likely to be achieved when early childhood educators work in partnership with families. Educators recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers’ (Early Years Learning Framework, page 13).

Continuity of learning is an important practice of the Early Years Learning Framework. It is especially important if children experience long absences from early childhood education or experience major changes in their life.

These resources may be used by preschool and early intervention educators:

  • to support families’ understanding of early learning and how this can be promoted at home
  • to provide continuity of learning for children who are experiencing a long absence from early childhood education by working with families to encourage learning through play at home.

Family resources

The following resources can be used by educators to support families’ understanding of the five learning outcomes and encourage engagement in their child’s learning at home. The resources can also be provided to families when children experience an extended absence from preschool or early intervention.


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