Australian Early Development Census

The Australian early development census (AEDC) is a population-based measure of how children in Australia have developed by the time they start their first year of full-time school.

About the 2021 data collection

Schools with kindergarten students in all schooling sectors participate in the census. Kindergarten teachers complete the Australian Version of the Early Development Instrument (AvEDI) for each child in their class, using a secure data entry system.

Teachers complete the instrument based on their knowledge and observations in their class. Children are not required to be present while teachers complete the AvEDI and schools participating in the collection receive funding for teacher relief time.

Since 2009 NSW has maintained a participation rate of over 95% at the state level in all collection cycles.

Further information about AEDC and the data collection process is available on the National AEDC website schools page. For further information or support for the 2021 AEDC data collection contact the AEDC Helpdesk on 1800 092 548 or email

AEDC NSW is hosting a weekly online information session to support schools during the data collection period. Sessions will be held each Wednesday from 5 May 2021 from 3:30-4:30 pm. Register for information session using the AEDC weekly information session registration form.

Download 2021 data collection key dates calendar

The AEDC 2021 Key steps to data collection video (9:31) below provides an overview of the process through which AEDC data is collected. Refer to the information pack that you have received for further information.

Stages to collect data

Transcript of AEDC 2021 Key steps to data collection

The AEDC involves the collection of data across five developmental domains:

  • physical health and wellbeing
  • social competence
  • emotional maturity
  • language and cognitive skills (school-based)
  • communication skills and general knowledge

Resources and events

The following resources and events provide more information about the AEDC.

AEDC 2021 National Conference

The AEDC 2021 national conference took place on 15-19 March 2021. Resources from the conference can be accessed through the national conference website or by contacting

AEDC NSW Research Symposium – 12 August 2021

AEDC NSW invites educators, researchers and community workers from schools, preschools, childcare centres, government agencies, university researchers and research institutes to participate in this research symposium. 

Register your interest in attending by visiting AEDC NSW 2021 Research Symposium event page


If you are interested in hosting an AEDC data workshop in your school or community, please contact the NSW AEDC State Coordinator at

Professional learning

Practitioners in government and non-government schools and early childhood education and care centres can enrol and complete AEDC online professional learning (OPL) course.

  • NSW Department of Education employees can access the course by searching the learning catalogue on MyPL (Course title – Australian Early Development Census Online professional learning and course code is NRG11777 – Elective professional development course).
  • Non-Department of Education employees (including employees of Catholic Schools NSW, Association of Independent Schools NSW, Local councils, non-government organisations and Early childhood education services) can use the guide to create a non-DoE account. Follow the steps outlined to register and complete the course.


Reports at a school, community, state and national level, show the number and percentage of children considered to be developmentally vulnerable, at-risk or on track across the 5 developmental domains.

  • If you would like to request access to your school profile contact
  • Community-level AEDC results and other demographic information are publicly available through the AEDC National data explorer.

Domain guides

Learn how the AEDC can be used to inform early childhood and curriculum planning, quality improvement and strengthen partnerships with families and the community.

Resources for families

Families play an important role in supporting young children’s learning in early childhood and the early years of schooling. These resources provide information about the Australian Early Development Census and the value of the data collected.

Videos and information sheets are available in languages other than English.


Western Australian Department of Education developed AEDC resources in partnership with the Association of Independent Schools Western Australia, Catholic Education of Western Australia, the New South Wales Department of Education and the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development. The partners acknowledge the assistance and expertise of the Telethon Kids Institute in the development of the resources.

Australian Government funds all AEDC activities and resources in NSW.

Contact us or 1300 083 698

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