Early learners – animations for families

The Early learners five-part animation series explores the learning that happens in the early years of a child’s life at home and early childhood services, the important role families play in their child’s learning and how this learning supports a child’s lifelong educational journey.

Teaching in early childhood (2:20)

This animation explains the national learning framework used to guide teaching and learning at early childhood services and how this connects to later learning at school.
What is the Early years learning framework?

Transcript of Teaching in early childhood

Learning in the early years (2:18)

Explore the learning outcomes that are important for children in the early years and for lifelong learning.

What are the five learning outcomes for children?

Transcript of Learning in the early years

Learning through play (2:05)

Look at how children are learning through play and what families can do to support that learning.
How are children learning when they play?

Transcript of Learning through play.

Learning through everyday routines (1:45)

This animation talks about the learning that can happen for children through everyday routines and the family’s role in this.
How can learning happen everywhere?

Transcript of Learning through everyday routines.

A strong start to school (2:09)

Support for families as they navigate their child’s transition to school.
Why is a positive transition to school important?

Translated animations

Three of the animations in this series have been translated into 15 languages.

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