Resources for families

Supporting young learners

Families play an important role in supporting young children’s learning in early childhood and the early years of schools. These resources provide ideas to engage in learning at home through every day experiences.

Use the learning outcome cards below to unpack learning in relation to the early years curriculum and show how this learning links to learning at school.

Image: Learning at home through everyday experiences

Translated resources for families

The learning outcome cards for families have been translated into 15 languages.

Supporting Aboriginal families

This version of the learning outcome cards have been designed for Aboriginal families, with an emphasis on culture, connection and community.

Image: Learning outcome cards designed for Aboriginal families

Learning every day and in every way through play

Every day learner cards:

  • provide 10 different activities that families can play with their children at home
  • explain the activity along with the learning that is happening throughout it
  • provide some alternate play experiences to achieve the same learning.

Everyday routine cards outline 10 different everyday routines that happen in the home and explain how families can incorporate learning into these routines.

Podcast series

Learning every day in every way through play is a five-part podcast series targeted at families, with a focus on how learning happens at home. The Early Learning team talk about how families can support children’s learning during play and everyday routines.

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