Early learning curriculum links

Seven microlearning modules designed to support you to understand the links between learning in early childhood and Early Stage 1.

To maximise impact, school leadership teams may choose to facilitate this course for groups or teams. Doing so allows leaders to align professional learning with school priorities and add school-specific contextual information to address student’s learning needs.


Continuity of learning is a critical element of a strong start to school. By completing these modules Early Stage 1 teachers will understand the term ‘continuity of learning’, build an understanding of what this looks like in practice and how it drives programming and teaching.

Target audience

Early Stage 1 teachers

Mode of delivery

‘Early Learning and curriculum links’ is available through MyPL.

Making continuity of learning visible: Linking the Early Years Learning Framework and the Early Stage 1 outcome and content

Duration – 25 minutes

Available – now

Understand what is meant by the term continuity of learning and its importance in ensuring a strong start to school.

  • What is continuity of learning?
  • What are our professional responsibilities towards continuity of learning?
  • Why is continuity important for improving student outcomes?
  • How does continuity of learning drive teaching?

Duration – 20 minutes

Available – now

Learn about the positive impact of educators in early childhood and school settings, understand how and what children learn in each curriculum framework and how they align.

  • What is the education continuum?
  • How can knowledge of the continuum support continuity?
  • How does the EYLF provide a foundation for learning in Kindergarten?

Duration – 20 minutes

Available – now

Understand how schools can engage with early childhood services to support continuity of learning through the effective use of the Transition to School Statement.

  • What information can I use to support continuity of learning?
  • How can I collaborate to support continuity of learning?
  • How can I use the Transition to School Statement to support continuity of learning?


  • Cross curriculum

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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