• Year 11 and Year 12 students thinking about buying a car - help make it the safest choice

    When buying a vehicle, safety should be the priority and it doesn't mean buying a new car. There are many safe and affordable used vehicles to choose from.

  • Keeping safe during the school holidays

    School holidays are a time for children to take a break from their daily routines, and spend it with families and friends. There are also opportunities for older children (pre-teens) to start exploring their independence and freedoms.

  • The facts on riding motorised wheeled devices in NSW

    In NSW it's ILLEGAL to ride motorised wheeled devices, such as electric scooters on public roads, footpaths, car parks or in parks.

  • 2024 Kindergarten transition programs: Starting school safely

    Starting school is an exciting and significant milestone for both children and their families. How a child travels to and from school is a parent/carer’s responsibility – however schools want this to happen as safely as possible, every day.

  • The big picture - animated statistics

    New animated statistics are now available on Transport for NSW's ON THE MOVE, online secondary school teaching and learning resource.

  • Park and walk

    Times have changed and it’s time for parents and carers to rethink how they get their children to school each day.

  • Reconciliation week: Speak up for languages and road safety

    This year’s National Reconciliation Week theme is Be Brave Make Change. It outlines 19 actions for change to benefit all Australians.

  • Sharing the care of our children

    Grandparents, nannies, friends and carers are very important people in the lives of our children and especially during these uncertain times.

  • Walk Safely to School Day 2023

    On Friday 19 May 2023 it is National Walk Safely to School Day. This annual event encourages all primary school children to walk and commute safely to school. This event is a great opportunity for schools and families to encourage safe road user behaviours, not just one day but every day.

  • Starting high school safely

    Information for parents and carers to support their child get ready to travel to and from their new high school.

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