Year 11 and Year 12 students thinking about buying a car - help make it the safest choice

When buying a vehicle, safety should be the priority and it doesn't mean buying a new car. There are many safe and affordable used vehicles to choose from.

Newer vehicles are generally safer than older ones. In fact older vehicles are over-represented in fatal vehicle crashes and the average age of a vehicle involved in a fatal crash is increasing. In 2020, 64% of vehicle fatalities occurred in vehicles aged 10 years or older.

Sadly 43% of cars driven by young drivers in fatal crashes are more than 15 years old. Many young drivers often get the old family car or buy an older, cheaper and less safe vehicle as their first car.

Young people, especially those who live in rural and remote areas face higher risks on our roads, as they often spend more time on the road, drive longer distances, and travel on higher-speed roads in older cars.

A driver of the worst vehicle rated is over eight times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in the same crash than the same driver in the safest vehicle.

In the final years of schooling, many young people will want to get their learner licence and provisional licence. This can lead to talk about buying a second family car or getting their own car.

Choosing a vehicle for P platers is an exciting moment but consideration of the safety ratings of the car should be the priority.

Help young drivers choose the safest car possible within the budget by reviewing the Used Car Safety Ratings 2022 brochure to significantly reduce the chance of being killed or seriously injured in a crash, or help avoid a crash altogether.

If you are involved in a crash, regardless of who’s at fault, the choice of vehicle could make all the difference.

Already bought a car, find out - How safe is your car?

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