Helping young people get their driver's licence

Getting a driver’s licence is a rite of passage for many young people. It opens up opportunities for further education, employment, training, health care, family and independence. However, getting a licence isn’t easy for some young people.

Parents and carers have a key responsibility for helping their young person get:

  • a learner’s licence
  • 120 hours of supervised behind the wheel driver training
  • a provisional licence
The following resources may help a young person move through the steps to successfully pass the provisional driver’s licence test. Schools can share this information with their students and families.
NB: NSW public schools are not required to provide behind the wheel driver training to students
More information about getting your licence can be found on Service NSW

Getting a NSW driver licence -Service NSW

  • assists anyone who is at least 16 years of age work through the steps of getting a NSW driver licence.

Proof of identity support - Service NSW

  • supports those without a birth certificate to confirm their identity, which is needed to apply for a learner driver’s licence

Difficulty with payment - Revenue NSW

  • having an unpaid fine is a barrier to getting a learner driver licence. Revenue NSW gives options for managing fines such as payment plans, work and development order, 50% reduction in the fine amount, writing off debt.

Safer Drivers Course - Transport for NSW

  • helps learner drivers prepare for driving solo through practical advice and safety strategies such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness, safe following distances, managing passengers, running late.

NB: young people experiencing disadvantage can apply to do the course for free by completing a Safer Drivers Course Concession Application form

Used car safety ratings - Transport for NSW

  • helps buyers find the safest models among second hand vehicles

Driver Licensing Access Program (DLAP) - Transport for NSW

  • helps remove the barriers that prevent some people in NSW from entering the driver licensing system. Service providers help individuals:
  • get a learner licence
  • gain on-road driving experience
  • progress to a provisional licence
  • regain a licence

It is open to the following groups:

  • Aboriginal communities
  • refugee and resettlement communities
  • communities with limited access to transport options or who are geographically disadvantaged
  • vulnerable young people

Work and development order - Revenue NSW

Assists students who are unable to pay a penalty notice, court fine or a victim's restitution order, and meet the eligibility criteria. Revenue NSW can issue a work and development order (WDO).

A WDO enables people to reduce their fine by up to $1000 a month, by allowing them to participate in unpaid work, courses, counselling or treatment programs.

Bara Barang - The Driving Program

The Bara Barang delivers specialised services to empower Aboriginal young people.

Drive for Life - Salvation Army

(western and southern Sydney areas only)

  • provides supervised driving instruction, life mentoring, positive role models and needs-based support to help participants overcome life barriers by helping them:
    • get a learner driver licence
    • learn to drive in a safe, maintained, insured vehicle

It is open to 16-25-year-olds who are experiencing, or have experienced:

  • difficulty accessing a vehicle or licensed supervising driver
  • long term unemployment
  • numeracy and/or literacy concerns
  • mental illness
  • physical disabilities.

Driving change - Weave

(City of Sydney suburbs, Marrickville, Maroubra, La Perouse, Woolloomooloo, Glebe and surrounds only)

Helps young people overcome barriers to getting a driving licence to open up new opportunities in their lives

It is open to those under 25 years of age who:

  • are Centrelink customers and/or be experiencing financial hardship
  • don’t have someone with a full driver’s licence and a registered car
  • can’t afford to pay for driving lessons
  • have no other means of getting the 120 hours of supervised driving practice to get a driver’s licence

Learner driver program - Birrang Enterprise Development Company

  • works with those needing assistance in working out the finances of getting a licence to helping master the driver knowledge test and helping to accrue the driving hours needed to finalise getting a provisional driver licence.
  • training and support is delivered in a culturally appropriate setting and manner

Licensed and on the road - Ace Community College

(NSW mid north coast and north coast areas, and Glen Innes only)

  • provides wrap-around support for students through their journey of becoming licensed drivers, from learners to provisional

It offers several programs:

  • online or face to face L program- learn NSW road rules, why they apply and practice learner test questions
  • hazard perception test-online resource to practice for the test
  • P program- up to 10 free behind the wheel driving lessons for eligible Aboriginal drivers and disadvantaged drivers.
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