Animated road safety messages

How do you share road safety information with your school community? Transport for NSW have developed the following animations, about expected safe road user behaviours.

Share these short videos with your school community to reinforce safe behaviours in and around the school.

Some suggested ideas are:

  • upload to your school website or social media.
  • insert in the school newsletter.
  • share one in your front foyer display or at an assembly.
  • use with your students. Discuss the intended message.

Contact your local department Road Safety Education Officer to discuss other communication strategies relevant to your students.

Do you know the difference between children's crossings and pedestrian crossings?

Bus safety - Always find a safe place to cross. Do not cross in front of the bus

Keep your child safe by always dropping them off or picking them up from the same side of the road as the bus stop.

Buckle up and be safe with the Wiggles

  • Primary school
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