Heads up - play it safe around light rail

Light rail teaching and learning activities are now available on the online resource Safety Town.

Image: Waiting for the tram to arrive

Been on the light rail recently?

Light rail may or may not be a local form of transport for you and your students, but everyone needs to be prepared if and when they are around light rail.

Whether our students are walking, riding or using public transport it’s important that they stay safe around the new light rail. Teaching and learning resources have been developed for Transport for NSW’s online resource Safety Town.

This resource has been aligned to the new PDHPE syllabus and supports students staying safe in this environment.

Activities focus on the unique considerations around the light rail environment including;

  • trams are quiet and unable to stop quickly or easily
  • trams can’t always see you
  • if you need to ride across tram tracks, keep your wheels at right angles to the track so that they don’t get stuck in the track.

Activities are interactive and digital with printable worksheets and lesson plans for Early-stage 1 to Stage 3. Resources include E-Books, image galleries and links to videos.

Available now for teachers, parents and students to explore.

Tram safety - What would you do?
Image: Online reader Grandpa and Amy's trip to Circular Quay

Go to Safety Town to open the reader

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