Planning, programming and assessing K-6

This page contains links to help you plan, program and assess. in K-6 such as how to create a scope and sequence.

As each KLA section is updated, they will have planning, programming and assessing section for K-6.

Planning, programming and assessing in each KLA

Links will be updated as each KLA section is updated.

Professional learning

Watch an overview of Curriculum planning K-12 for every student in every classroom professional learning (1:14)

Overview of Curriculum planning K-12 professional learning

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Have you ever wondered if you could refine your approach to curriculum planning and optimise learning for all students right from the beginning?

‘Curriculum planning for every student in every classroom’ shares evidence-based strategies for planning effective learning experiences for the full range of students.

Within every classroom, there is rich student diversity. Each student is unique. There is no ’average’ student. Understanding and appreciating this diversity is part of planning learning opportunities where every student can engage with content and express their learning.

Curriculum planning must be academically rigorous yet flexible enough for all your students to succeed.

Learn how to incorporate the guiding principles of engagement, representation and expression into your curriculum planning practice. Find out how to plan for the full range of students in your classroom.

Enrol in ‘Curriculum planning for every student in every classroom’ professional learning. Available through MyPL.

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