Curriculum planning for every student – evidence base

Research articles and reflection prompts to deepen your understanding of the evidence base for ‘Curriculum planning for every student in every classroom’ professional learning.

Explore a broad range of research articles which:

Each resource includes links to the research article, key points from the article, and professional learning and reflection prompts. These resources can be used as the basis for professional conversations about:

These resources can support the professional growth of leadership teams and teachers on their curriculum planning and implementation journey.

Structuring professional conversations

Leaders can use these resources to support teachers to be ‘critically challenged by expert input, to learn, shape and strengthen teaching practice for ongoing student progress and achievement’ (NSW Department of Education 2023).

Collaboration tools

Professional conversations provide an opportunity for staff to deepen their collective understanding of inclusive curriculum planning practice. Collaboration tools can enrich these conversations. Consider using these two tools to structure collegial conversations.

  • Guide to evidence-based models of collaborative inquiry (Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) 2023) – identifies and outlines 5 models of collaborative inquiry that can be used to facilitate evidence-based practices of collaboration to improve teacher practice.
  • Text-based protocols and core thinking routines can be used to engage staff with the research base. Most of these activities are 30–60 minutes in length – ideal for team, faculty, or staff meetings. They can be adapted for the purpose of the learning discussion and the time constraints of your session.

When using these tools, we suggest:

  • forming small groups of 6–8 staff, so everyone can contribute
  • establishing norms to set the culture and tone for collaborative learning.


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