How to evaluate K-6 resources

Use these guidelines to evaluate teaching and learning resources for suitability in NSW public school classrooms.

Suitability of teaching and learning resources

School staff exercise professional judgement when making decisions about the suitability of teaching and learning resources to support curriculum implementation.

What is a resource?

A resource is any teaching and learning material, text, video, digital media, software, program, service or other material that teachers use to assist students in their learning.

The following questions can be used as a guide to support staff in reviewing or adapting resources.

Guiding questions for resource evaluation

  • Is the resource relevant to the curriculum and supports achievement of NSW syllabus outcomes?
  • Does the resource comply with relevant department policies and procedures?
  • Is the resource age-appropriate and sensitive to student needs?
  • Can the resource content be adapted to meet the needs of students?
  • Is the publication date less than 5 years ago?
  • Do you have the latest edition/version of the resource?
  • Is the resource published by a trusted source?
  • Does the resource reference reliable sources of information?
  • Is the resource based on current research or evidence?
  • Are the content and data represented accurately in charts, graphs and text?
  • Is the resource compliant with National Copyright Guidelines?
  • Is the resource content/information consistent with the values of public education?


Where staff are ‘unsure’ about a particular resource, or it cannot be adapted/modified, staff should consider use of alternatives that have a stronger evidence base, are better matched to policy/curriculum and are more effective in meeting student needs.

Download the resource evaluation tool


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