Planning, programming and assessing HSIE 7–10

Support and advice for teachers of Stages 4 and 5 Geography, History, Aboriginal Studies, Commerce, Geography elective, History elective, and Work Education (HSIE)

HSIE mandatory subjects

  • Planning. programming and assessing resources for the mandatory subjects of history and geography in Stages 4 and 5.
  • To satisfy the requirements of a Record of School Achievement (RoSA), students must complete 200 hours of history and 200 hours of geography throughout Years 7–10

HSIE elective subjects

Find planning, programming and assessing resources for the following elective subjects:

Virtual excursions

There are a number of syllabuses in the HSIE key learning area that are well suited to using virtual excursions for Stages 4 to 6 as a pedagogical tool.


  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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