Planning, programming and assessing business studies

Resources to help you plan, program and assess business studies in Years 11-12.

Business studies focuses on the nature and role of business, the internal and external factors of a business environment, the functions and processes of businesses and responsibilities of management.

Students investigate business information and issues, communicate in appropriate formats and apply mathematical concepts related to the business world.

Students use case studies of small and global businesses to identify and discuss the essential concepts of a business, from implementation to management and expansion of the operations. Additionally, students identify business issues, analyse problems and propose solutions.

Key topics of the course include:

  • the nature of business
  • business management
  • business planning
  • operations
  • marketing
  • finance
  • human resources.

Business Studies Stage 6 Syllabus (2010) contains the syllabus and support materials including standards packages, HSC exam specifications and past papers.


Year 11

This case study is suitable for using as an example in the Business Management topic in the Preliminary Business Studies course. It will assist students to develop an understanding of financial, marketing, and operational key business functions, and their management and application to business situations.

Business management – financial management case study (DOCX 206 KB)

Year 12

This guide is designed to support teachers and students in successfully planning and writing a business report. It contains an outline of the requirements of a high-quality business report, explanation of the place of the business report in assessment, a series of learning activities to support teaching the business report and a sample response.

Business report – teacher guide (DOCX 170 KB)

HSC revision

Use these resources to support students in their studies as they prepare for the HSC exam. The included activities can be used as part of classroom learning or set for independent study. The resources are designed to be used in part or in full to fit the contextual needs of your teaching.

HSC hub

The HSC hub contains quality resources aligned to NSW syllabuses. Access resources designed by our curriculum experts to support the delivery of HSIE subjects in the lead-up to the HSC examinations.

30min presentation with tips for studying and completing the written examination.

HSC hub - Business Studies - success in the written examination


  • Business Studies
  • Stage 6

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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