Planning, programming and assessing legal studies

Resources to help you plan, program and assess legal studies in Years 11-12.

Students of legal studies learn about the rule of law, justice and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Legal studies offers students an opportunity to:

  • learn about Australian and international law
  • the rule of law and how both Australian and international legal systems work
  • inquire into and analyse legal issues and communicate in structured arguments.

Legal Studies Stage 6 Syllabus (2009) contains the syllabus and support materials including a sample assessment schedule, specimen paper, HSC exam rubrics, standards packages and past papers.


Use the resources below as stand-alone or to supplement your existing programs. They can also provide ideas about a variety of teaching strategies, feedback, integrating the themes and challenges of the course, and ways to approach teaching controversial issues.

Legal studies HSC revision resource (DOCX 82 KB) – support students in their studies as they prepare for the HSC exam. The included activities can be used as part of classroom learning or set for independent study. The resource is designed to be used in part or in full to fit the contextual needs of your teaching.

HSC hub

The HSC hub contains quality resources aligned to NSW syllabuses. Access resources designed by our curriculum experts to support the delivery of HSIE subjects in the lead-up to the HSC examinations.

30min presentation with tips for studying and completing the written examination.

HSC hub - Legal studies-success in the written examination


  • Legal Studies
  • Stage 6

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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