Support, resources and training

Support available

A range of support, resources and training is available for educators, program coordinators and schools. These will be available to all educators and coordinators once they are accepted into the program.


Our Microsoft Teams channels are the point of reference for all schools participating in the Small Group Tuition program (SGT). They provide a place for professional learning, to ask questions, receive prompt replies, share ideas and collaborate with colleagues.

A dedicated Microsoft Teams channel is available as a school’s first point of contact which provides support with:

  • Schools’ queries
  • Basic reporting requirements in the Planning for Literacy and Numeracy (PLAN2) platform
  • Program evaluation using School Planning and Reporting Online (SPaRO)
  • The latest announcements and information from the SGT team
  • Upcoming and on demand professional learning resources

Technology 4 Learning has developed a Microsoft Teams guide for NSW Department of Education teachers.

Further information about the program can be found on the SGT program guidelines webpages. These webpages will be able to be viewed once an educator is accepted into the program.

SGT staff are invited subscribe to receive our newsletters. Up-to-date news and information about the program will be shared.


SGT will provide:

  • Induction training for new educators
  • Live and on demand differentiated professional learning for experienced staff and educators
  • Microlearning courses available on department platform MyPL
  • Handbooks which provide a framework for teaching in the SGT program.

Professional learning topics cover:

  • Educator types
  • Program implementation
  • Learner types
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Using PLAN2

Work for the department? Find out more about the program on the Small Group Tuition program guidelines webpage. For program enquiries contact us via email at


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