Research on effective SGT intervention

Small Group Tuition (SGT) is a key intervention strategy that builds on the foundation of the COVID Intensive Learning Support Program, feedback from schools, as well as national and international evidence for students that need additional support in literacy and numeracy.

Research shows that small group tuition, delivered by well-trained educators, is very effective in boosting students’ learning and can improve student confidence and engagement.

The following links will direct you to external research in a range of related areas:

Small Group Tuition as an effective intervention strategy

There is a growing body of evidence showing small-group tuition can boost student learning.

Engagement and wellbeing

Explore a range of research which identifies strategies to promote engagement and wellbeing in SGT.

Effective implementation

Understand more about optimal group sizes, accounting for differing levels of ability, lesson lengths, lesson frequency, timetabling and modes of delivery.

SGT for literacy intervention

Explore research undertaken in literacy intervention including commercial literacy programs.

Commercial literacy program - MacqLit:
Commercial literacy program - MiniLit:

SGT for numeracy intervention

Explore research undertaken in numeracy intervention.


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