Physical literacy

Physical literacy is embedded throughout the K-6 and 7-10 PDHPE syllabus. Quality physical education and school sport programs offer the best opportunity to foster the development of physical literacy for all children and young people.

Physical literacy is defined as "the motivation, confidence, physical competence, understanding and knowledge to maintain physical activity at an individually appropriate level, throughout life" (Whitehead, 2006).

A comprehensive understanding of physical literacy is important for programming Kindergarten to Year 10 PDHPE. Physical literacy:

  • should be the goal of all physical education programs
  • can be developed through a wide range of physical activities and environments
  • requires a student-centred approach to teaching and learning.

The NSW physical literacy continuum K–10 (PDF 107KB) outlines the skills and attributes students develop as they progress from Kindergarten to Year 10.

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