Professional learning and support

Professional learning materials to enhance your understanding of the NSW PDHPE K-10 syllabus, Child Protection Education curriculum materials and effective delivery of child protection education.


Teaching consent

Watch the expert panel as they discuss consent education as part of sexuality education. Questions are embedded for reflection on your learning.

Discussions focus on:

  • what our students want to learn

  • influences on the sexual attitudes and behaviours of our students

  • enablers for effective sexuality education in our classrooms and schools

  • consent as a concept and how should it be taught from kindergarten to year 12

  • how to address and promote inclusivity in our sexuality education classrooms

  • the ingredients for effective sexuality and consent education programs and lessons

  • opportunities for consent education in our syllabus.

Teaching consent video (1 hour: 15 minutes plus question reflection time)

Teaching consent - PDHPE professional learning

Child protection education resources

A short video overviewing the Child Protection Education curriculum resources and how they can be used.

Child protection education resources video (1 minute: 15 seconds)

Introducing resources for Early Stage 1 to Stage 5

Transcript of Child protection education resources video


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