Child protection teaching and learning resources

Materials should be reviewed in full and endorsed by the school principal before use.

The child protection education curriculum support materials are designed to guide teachers through syllabus implementation using effective teaching and learning approaches for sensitive content. The teaching and learning units provided are optional support materials for the implementation of child protection and respectful relationships education as part of the mandatory PDHPE K-10 Syllabus.

Stage-based units of work include:

  • child protection (and respectful relationship 7-10) content
  • opportunities to teach other concepts from the PDHPE K-10 Syllabus which link to the child protection and/or respectful relationships content
  • a consistent structure
    • switch on – short activity based around the theme of the lesson to ignite thinking
    • understand – core essential learning of the focus area
    • act and apply – activities which enable students to have the opportunity to put their learning into practice
  • formative assessment strategies
  • teaching notes and teaching considerations that are consistent across all stages
  • clear themes that are evident and consistent across K-10
  • links to resources to support the teaching of each unit of work.

Each unit of work is designed as a sequence of learning. They can be used in their entirety, or teachers may select some sections of the unit to insert into their existing units to complement learning for their student and school context. It is recommended that the learning is of adequate duration to allow students the opportunity to build in-depth knowledge, understanding and skills.

The units are centred around the key themes of recognising abuse, power in relationships and protective strategies to provide the opportunity for students to revisit, consolidate and reinforce their learning and skills as they progress through stages.

For effective child protection and respectful relationships education, it is important to:

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