Physical Literacy Resources

Resources to support the implementation of the NSW physical literacy continuum Kindergarten to Year 10.

Title Description
Overview of the physical literacy continuum K-10 (PDF 218 KB). An introduction to the NSW physical literacy continuum Kindergarten to Year 10.
Physical literacy continuum (PDF 107 KB) The NSW physical literacy continuum Kindergarten to Year 10 supports teaching, learning and assessment.
Physical literacy continuum glossary (PDF 1.09 KB) The glossary helps to establish a consistent language across the school.
Starting points for teaching: plotting students on the physical literacy continuum (PDF 110 KB) Starting points for teaching and monitoring student progress.
Physical literacy continuum resources mapped to clusters (PDF 1 MB) Locate resources for each marker. This document maps resources to the specific aspect or markers they support. Resources are broken down into: assessment and observation resources such as videos and tasks to support and guide teacher judgements. Other resources are for lesson delivery, which include activities, games and units of work to enhance opportunities for student progression.
Physical literacy continuum cluster examples (PDF 312 KB) Provide more detail of what each marker could look like across the various physical activity contexts. The examples break down and translate the observations of teachers guiding their assessment of each marker.

Get Skilled Get Active

Learn about the 12 fundamental movement skills necessary for children to be able to play the major games and sports in our society.

Access the planning guide, checklists for assessment of fundamental movement skills and information to incorporate fundamental movement skills into your PDHPE and school sport programs.

Watch the Get skilled get active resource videos to identify proficiency in all 12 fundamental movement skills and learn how to deliver them through PDHPE and school sport.

Physical activity in schools video Watch our animation video to increase understanding the position of physical activity and physical literacy in NSW government schools.


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