Effective pedagogy in PDHPE is centred around basic principles of teaching, learning and assessment.

Principles of pedagogy

View the 5 principles of pedagogy and the principles in action.

The learning environment is supportive, respectful and productive:

  • Positive relationships are developed between the teacher and students and between students.
  • A culture of value and respect for individuals and their communities is modelled, established and maintained.
  • Learning experiences promote self confidence and risk taking in student learning.
  • Effort is valued and recognised to support and encourage student success

The learning environment promotes self-motivation, persistence, independence and interdependence:

  • Students set goals and take responsibility for their learning.
  • Students cooperate and collaborate to promote meaningful learning.
  • Teachers emphasise quality of learning through high expectations.

Student needs, interests and diversity are reflected in the learning experiences and program content.

  • A wide range of teaching strategies and learning experiences are used to promote different ways of learning and thinking.
  • Teaching strategies and learning experiences offer flexibility to respond to student needs.
  • Prior learning, knowledge and skills are recognised and built on.

Students are challenged and provided opportunities to develop deep understanding, reflect on values and attitudes and build and apply skills.

  • Interactive learning approaches are used to encourage critical thinking, creativity, reflection and problem-solving.
  • Learning is sustained and progressive over time.
  • Learning experiences are reflective of students’ real-life context to build connections.

Assessment is integral to teaching and learning.

  • Assessment is used regularly to offer feedback to students and inform planning and teaching
  • Assessment practices encourage reflection and self-assessment.

The following pages contain advice and guidance to support effective practice, choice of teaching strategies and differentiation.


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