Establishing clear expectations

Establish and maintain expectations, guidelines and boundaries for students to encourage mutual respect and allow for positive relationships to develop in the classroom. Reinforcing positive behaviour is equally important.

Engage students in the development of a class agreement or expectations. The following are some examples. In this class we will:

  • listen to different ideas without ‘put downs’
  • not interrupt while someone is talking
  • stick to the point
  • allow everyone the right to speak
  • be responsible for our own behaviour
  • keep what other people say in class as confidential
  • never refer to someone by name when giving an example
  • always support each other
  • respect other’s cultural traditions, beliefs, values and languages
  • respect that everyone has the right not to offer an opinion.

Risk of significant harm

If a student discloses private information publicly and the teacher does suspect a student is at risk of significant harm they must inform their principal or workplace manager as per the Child Protection Policy: Responding to and reporting students at risk of harm.

The Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) can assist in making an informed decision regarding child protection concerns. More information is available on the Child Protection webpage.

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