Reporting to parents

Reporting is the process of providing feedback to parents/carers and students about student progress. It is a core responsibility of teachers and a key phase of the teaching and learning cycle. The reporting process is one avenue for teachers to reflect on individual and class achievement and can provide clarity on future directions.

In this section

Mandated requirements when reporting to parents

About the NSW Curriculum Planning and Programming, Assessing and Reporting to Parents K-12 (CPPAR) policy which outlines school obligations relating to student reporting to parents.

Reports requirements

Based on the school's context and student needs, schools can decide on the format of their reports in partnership with parents and carers and the school community.

Reporting advice on the new syllabuses

Sample reports for K-2 English and mathematics.

Reporting to parents style guide

Recommendations to teachers and leaders when writing or reviewing report comments to support the ongoing learning journey of the student.

Reporting on outcomes

All outcomes must be assessed but there is no requirement that they will all be reported on in the biannual reports.

Report comments

What to include in a report comment and sample comments to model how those requirements can be addressed.

EAL/D learners

A process schools can use to plan for reporting the English language proficiency of their students.

Students with disability

Reporting on students whose learning is impacted by disability requiring personalised planning and interventions.

Vocational education and training reports

What to include in a competency-based report for Vocational education and training.

Communicating with parents and carers

Ways to report student achievement and progress with parents and carers.

Digital reporting systems

Reporting to parent requirements that should be considered when choosing a digital reporting system.

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