Promoting safe travel

Road safety is everyone's responsibility

Parents and carers are a child's first teacher and are responsible for modelling safe road user behaviours as children naturally imitate the adult's around them.

It is important to share road safety information with parents and carers so they can reinforce safe behaviours when out and about with their children.

We all need to reinforce and practice:

  • using safe travel routes
  • modelling how to be a safe road user
  • following road rules and the road signs
  • creating safer environments
  • assisting students to become independent travellers.

Road safety resources promoting safe travel

Find resources to support schools communicate effectively with parents and carers about road safety.

Useful links

Calendar of events for road safety (Transport for NSW)

Demerit points (Transport for NSW)

Definitions of pedestrian crossings (Transport for NSW)

Traffic signs (Transport for NSW)

Top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW (Transport for NSW)


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