Kirrawee Public School

Teaching road safety in the real setting

Going on an excursion is a great opportunity for students to put into practise road safety skills learnt in the classroom.

Mrs Harris from Kirrawee Public School used an upcoming excursion to the local Hazelhurst Gallery as an authentic opportunity to teach her students in Kindergarten about being safe pedestrians.

Mrs Harris guided students through activities on Safety Town, and showed students the route they would take on google maps. Student's completed a worksheet from Safety Town that Mrs Harris modified to reflect their trip to Hazelhurst.

Students were then able to practise the skills learnt on the excursion in a real life traffic environment. This made it meaningful and relevant to them.

"The students loved the activities, and it was vital to revise these skills before walking to Hazelhurst" Mrs Harris said.

Image: Road safety activity.
Image: Students enjoyed the activities.
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