The big picture - animated statistics

New animated statistics are now available on Transport for NSW's ON THE MOVE, online secondary school teaching and learning resource.

Inject energy into learning about road safety by using the The Big Picture | On the Move animated statistics as a hook, for students in Stage 4.

Encourage students to delve deeper into the subject of road safety trauma by researching and engaging in discussions about its impact across various factors such as gender, locations, age groups, and behavioural causes.

Foster critical thinking by prompting students to challenge their preconceived notions about road safety statistics.

Challenge their thinking and ask them to predict what the statistics might be based on gender, location and causes of road trauma:

  • which gender is most prone to being involved in a crash?
  • what constitutes the primary cause of fatal road incidents?
  • among people in your age group, what is the leading cause of road incidents?

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