Drive and park safely: Wheeler Heights PS P&C initiative

Poor driving and parking behaviour around the school was putting the school community at great risk and is the reason why the P & C’s Traffic and Safety Committee took on the challenge of changing this.

Their “Drive and Park Safely Near Schools Initiative” targeted behavioural change through a robust process that included:

  • establishing baseline data through observing and documenting unsafe driving and parking behaviour
  • providing the data and examples of unsafe driving and parking to the local council for their consideration
  • consulting with the school community about their road safety concerns
  • collaborating with the local council’s Road Safety Officer to address the concerns and develop strategies to better manage the traffic environment
  • preparing school community resources, including maps of safety hotspots
  • educating the school community about legal and safe driving and parking via social media, the Flexi Schools app and school newsletters.

Derek Mascarenhas, the P & C’s lead of the initiative summed it up like this:

"Overwhelmingly, parents expect others to do the right thing, however, some simply do not expect themselves to do the same. We all have a responsibility to drive and park safely around schools.”

The result has seen a drastic improvement in safe road user behaviours by the whole school community.

If your school could benefit from a similar initiative contact:

Image: information sheet developed by Wheeler Heights PS for Drive and park safely near schools
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