Albury High School upskills their Life Ready skills…

The Stage 6 Life Ready: Teaching the skills through safe travel workshop is usually a whole day professional learning event with teachers from a number of schools attending.

But Albury High School wanted it done their way, with 11 teachers in tow!

11 staff registered and we programed the workshop over 3 sports afternoons to meet the needs of the school. With this method all members of the school Life Ready Team received the same messages and knowledge of the Life Ready requirements and its application.

Engaging with just one school allowed for the development of a theme and action plan quite quickly. The teachers, from the school’s Life Ready team, focused on the strengths and areas for improvement and quickly reached consensus on their action plan for going forward to better meet their students’ needs.

Staff will now work towards surveying their school community and discussing the structure of their Life Ready course later in the year.

Next term we will hold a virtual day 2 where the school will provide opportunities during the one-day session for different staff to engage at various times in the day given their roles in the school’s action plan.

Read about how you can engage in our professional learning workshops on the department’s Road Safety Education webpage.

Image: Life Ready workshop at Albury High School
Image: Teachers discuss how to implement Life Ready course at their school
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