Professional learning

Professional learning workshops

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Each workshop provides teachers with strategies, ideas and resources for teaching quality road safety education as part of PDHPE K-10 and Life Ready in Stage 6.

Teachers will receive:

  • up-to-date advice and support from our road safety education team
  • the latest research about road safety education
  • free, quality resources to support teaching and learning
  • support for promoting road safety to parents and carers
  • strategies on how to address road safety issues around your school.

Individualised school professional learning

A range of flexible professional learning can be tailored to meet school's local road safety needs.

Staff/Stage/Faculty meetings, Staff Development Days, executive presentations and localised school resource development are just a few of the ways we can support your school's road safety needs.

Your local Road Safety Education Officer can assist schools with teaching and learning resources, parent and carer engagement strategies and policy implementation.

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Contact your local department Road Safety Education Officer:

  • for workshop details
  • to find out how professional learning can be tailored to suit your school's needs.

If your school would like specific support in road safety education please call us or register online.


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