Excursions and road safety

School excursions are a great opportunity for students to practise safe behaviours in real life environments and reinforce the key road safety messages.

Excursion policy and procedures

Excursions are defined by the department's Excursion Policy.

  • structured learning experiences
  • determined by the principal
  • managed by the school, conducted on or external to the school site.

Road safety education considerations when planning a school excursion, refer to the:

Risk management for road safety

Before approving any excursion, principals need to ensure that staff organising excursions have completed a satisfactory risk management plan. (section 3.1)

Sample consent forms

These sample forms are for schools to use and localise to meet the needs of their school community

refer to Variation of routine- Excursions checklists forms and templates

Further information

Legal information bulletin #24 - Cars at work (DoE)

Legal information bulletin #8 – Claims for motor vehicle damage (DoE)

- Who can use their motor vehicle for department activities

- staff using their own motor vehicles

Legal information bulletin #39 – Reporting accidents (DoE)


  • Teaching and learning


  • road-safety

Business Unit:

  • Teaching Quality and Impact
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