Wheeled devices in and around schools

It is a parent's responsibility how their child travels to and from school.

A variety of resources and advice are available to support schools manage and communicate with their families about how to keep their children safe if they choose to ride to and from school.

1. Bicycle and wheeled devices, scooters and skateboard templates have been developed to:
  • assist schools manage bicycles and wheeled devices being ridden to and from school safely
2. Safe riding information has been developed to provide:
  • benefits of safely riding to and from school
  • what is taught in schools about wheel safety
  • riding advice to share with parents and carers
  • advice to schools about students riding safety to and from school
  • the facts on riding motorised wheel devices in NSW.
  • cycling school bus management considerations.
3. Information about e-wheel devices:


  • Teaching and learning


  • road-safety

Business Unit:

  • Teaching Quality and Impact
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