Punchbowl Public School students lead the way

Punchbowl’s Student Leadership Team are passionate about being responsible and positive role models, and being a safe road user is no exception.

After attending our Road safety education professional learning workshop Punchbowl Public School recognised the importance of sharing this information with their community.

Using their skills the team designed, created and produced a video clip for the school community to raise awareness of road safety and be responsible road users around their school.

They worked with Carol Debs, Canterbury Bankstown Council and Constable Kyle Marinello, Campsie Local Area Command to deliver some of the messages in the video clip.

The school’s core values of safe, respectful and positive learners have been extended through these community partnerships, and their workable solution to a safety issue has positively impacted the entire community.

Hear about how to be a safe road user in the school zone from students at Punchbowl Public School. See it from their eyes.

Punchbowl Public School students lead the way
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