Liverpool Hospital School takes road safety seriously

Kay Howe, Principal Liverpool Hospital talks about the importance of engaging her school’s students in road safety education-

“Liverpool Hospital School was alerted to Road Safety Education last year when an email and a letter turned up to alert us to professional learning available in Road Safety Education. At Liverpool Hospital School any education with the word "Safety" in it is our business since we do not wish to see children in hospital as a result of road trauma. Road trauma is serious stuff!

Last year, I sent one of our classroom teachers, Sue, to attend the training and this year I decided to go myself so I could help with the decisions needed to enhance the learning at our school. We asked Sue to deliver Road Safety Education every Monday. We purchased a road map rug and some matchbox cars so that the children could make narratives out of their learning. Sue found that the Safety Town program was easily accessible for our students since we never know what students we will have on any given day.

The kids love the Safety Town program since it is visual and involves a quiz where they can compete against each other. Our student feedback indicates that the students enjoyed this learning as different to the topics they usually study. One Kindy child said:

"What was something new you learned at Liverpool Hospital School today?

When I ride a skateboard I have to get off it at the crossing."

This year we are hoping to get the children to make posters and a short video recording for each of the many lessons in the Road Safety program. Together these will make a great resource for educating our parents and community on what the kids now know...thanks to our Road Safety Education program.”

Image: Using Safety town's engaging online activity - Every body buckle up
Image: Liverpool Hospital students talking about being safe road users
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