Carenne School makes road safety visible

Using localised road safety visuals, are a great way to talk about and model expected safe road user behaviours around the school community.

Janelle Kemp, stage 1 teacher from Carenne School Bathurst was able to implement this idea after attending the Road safety education for Schools for specific purposes (SSPs) and support unit teachers K-12 professional learning workshop.

Developing localised road safety visuals was just one of the resources Janelle was able to produce. She had the opportunity to plan and develop meaningful and relevant road safety teaching and learning activities, supporting the PDHPE K-10 syllabus and exploring teaching and learning resources such as Safety Town.

There was also the opportunity to discuss how to manage the safe entry and exit of students to and from school, and how to share this information effectively with her school executive and staff.

After the workshop Janelle developed a safety unit that embedded relevant key road safety messages for her students. Localised visual social stories are now displayed at all entry and exit points of the school. These messages are reinforced on a daily basis to remind students of the required behaviours to remain safe.

Your school can be involved in one of our many two-day professional learning workshops offered to all public school teachers.

Talk to your local Road Safety Education Officer about ways you can meaningfully engage students in road safety at your school.

Image: Students engaged in road safety activities
Image: Examples of localised road safety visuals to help the whole school community be safe road users
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