Cecil Hills Public School road safety video

Cecil Hills Public School created a great road safety video to share with their community, They wanted to encourage students and parents to be a Cecil Hills Road Safety Champ and get to school safely.

Stop Look Listen Think Before Crossing The Road

Lisa Robertson, a support unit teacher from Cecil Hills Public School got the idea after attending the Road safety education for Schools for specific purposes (SSPs) and support unit teachers K-12 professional learning workshop, which is one of our many two day professional learning workshops offered to all public school teachers.

The workshop helped her to plan meaningful and relevant road safety teaching and learning activities, supporting the PDHPE K-10 syllabus. Workshop participants were provided with opportunities to explore teaching and learning materials, such as Safety Town. They also discussed how to manage the safe entry and exit of their students and share this information with her colleagues.

Cecil Hills Public School will share the video on their school website, as a resource within their K-2 PDHPE lessons and present it at their school?s assembly and Kindergarten orientation day.

The key road safety messages on pedestrian safety, passenger safety and safety on wheels are re-enforced throughout the video, emphasising Stop, Look, Listen, Think every time you cross the road.

Localised videos such as this, are a great way to talk about and model the expected safe road user behaviours around the school community and take a strength based approach.

Your school can encourage parents and students to be Road Safety Champs too.

Talk to your local Road Safety Education Officer about ways you can meaningfully engage students in road safety at your school.

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