Walk safely to Miranda North Public School

Despite all our challenges this year, many schools around the state, and indeed Australia, participated in National Walk Safely to School Day 2021.

Miranda North Public School wanted to support and encourage students’ safe active travel to and from school. Teachers attended the Supporting Walk Safely to School Day professional learning workshop and then embarked on planning a special day. Students in stage 3 were involved in the planning and decision-making for this event and the selection of activities.

Some of the activities the students created were:

Image: - wearing silly socks and sensible shoes to walk to school safely
Image: - greeting parents and students with stickers and activities to support community engagement
Image: - providing lucky door prizes and stickers at a whole school assembly to celebrate healthy habits
Image: - promoting brain and body readiness for a great day of learning through student led physical activities
Image: - using Safety Town’s interactive online activities.

Safety Town's interactive online teaching and learning activities helped to engage students in learning about how to be a safe pedestrian.

Integrating the variety of activities into their school day allowed them to practice and discuss safe behaviours, and take a whole-school approach to safe active travel.

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