Proactive Approach to Road Safety Education-Thurgoona Public School

Thurgoona Public School took a proactive approach to road safety education by addressing a specific issue and turning it into a valuable learning opportunity.

Led by Assistant Principal Kristen Hiebl, along with Road Safety Education Officer Callan Burgess and Year 6 leaders, they created an outstanding student voice video as part of their whole school approach to road safety education. The video aimed to raise awareness and educate students about safe road practices, reflecting the school's commitment to student well-being and safety with a specific focus on changes to their exit and entry points.

During a whole school assembly, the video was shared and road safety at their school was discussed, making it relatable to the students' world. After the assembly, teachers took advantage of the opportunity to individualise the learning experience for their classes, using the video as a valuable resource.

To engage their wider community, the school shared the video on various media channels, including Facebook and the Parent Portal. They also reinforced the messages through brief images featured in the video through the school newsletter.

Thurgoona Public School's dedication to student voice and community engagement reflects its commitment to creating a safer environment and fostering lifelong safe road behaviours.

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